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Young Driver Programs

Safe Teen Driver strives to teach young drivers about responsible behavior behind the wheel of a car and in life. Its programs target teens and twenty-somethings with a powerful message designed to grab their attention and make them think about the consequences of their actions.

Safe Teen Driver comes to high schools, churches and other community locations to present information and personal experiences to young drivers. These visits often include speeches from Bruce Murakami and Justin Cabezas, other victims’ stories, talks from young drivers convicted of a vehicular crime, and material from local law enforcement. The program blends hard-hitting realism with inspiration, hope, and forgiveness. It leaves lasting impressions and motivates young drivers to take responsibility for their actions.

To request a presentation, fill out our online form or contact Safe Teen Driver at 727-420-7937.

View a clip from the Safe Teen Driver Presentation CD outlining the extraordinary relationship between Bruce Murkami and Justin Cabezas, this video tells the story of the origins of the Safe Teen Driver program.

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Safe Teen Driver frequently partners with C.A.R.S. (Cops Against Racing on Streets) for events and educational promotions. C.A.R.S. shares the same vision as Safe Teen Driver—the desire to prevent reckless driving by teens—and together the two organizations can get reach even more young drivers.

The Tampa Police C.A.R.S is a unique educational program that guides young drivers toward making safe, smart decisions while driving. The program works with teens to help them avoid reckless driving and racing on streets. It also strives to offer alternatives to this potentially deadly behavior.

The two-part program first involves an educational component that runs approximately 40 minutes in length and is taught in area high schools. The second component, which offers tremendous appeal to young drivers, is a car club. The club is open to all drivers and features regular “tuner shows”—car shows where drivers can view other cars and enter their own car in a contest.

C.A.R.S. is on the move and working to ensure that the car clubs are in all area high schools. The C.A.R.S. Program is supported and endorsed by the staff of the Tampa Police Department, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office and Hillsborough County Public Schools.

To learn more, please visit the C.A.R.S. web page.

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FUTURE CHANGE: Young Drivers Redemption Program

Safe Teen Driver works with young drivers who have committed a vehicular crime. Whether already sentenced or still in the legal system, Safe Teen Driver may offer help to these drivers who understand the gravity of their actions, are truly remorseful, and who want to change their lives and the lives of other young drivers. Working with Safe Teen Driver, these young drivers deliver powerful messages of responsibility on the road and in life to their peers.

To contact Safe Teen Driver, please call 727-420-7937 or e-mail Bruce Murakami at .

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