Safe Teen Driver teaches young drivers about responsible behavior behind the wheel of a car and in life. Our programs target teens and twenty-somethings with a powerful message that grabs their attention and stirs them to think about the consequences of their actions.

Using real, tragic stories involving teen drivers, we present to high schools, churches and other community locations. These presentations often include speeches from Bruce Murakami and Justin Cabezas, other victims’ stories, talks from young drivers convicted of vehicular crimes and material from local law enforcement. The program blends hard-hitting realism with inspiration, hope and forgiveness. It leaves lasting impressions and motivates young drivers to take responsibility for their actions. Bring Safe Teen Driver to your school, organization or event. Just fill out our online form or contact Safe Teen Driver at 727-420-7937.



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About Safe Teen Driver

This organization was born from the tragic loss of a father whose daughter and wife were killed by a teen driver who was street racing. Learn more about Safe Teen Driver.