Founded and directed by Bruce Murakami, Safe Teen Driver is the ultimate memorial for Bruce's wife, Cindy, and daughter, Chelsea. Cindy and Chelsea died in a car wreck after a teenage driver street raced down a major city street and slammed into their van. (Click here to read the story.)

After the tragic crash, Bruce vowed to create a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching young drivers about responsibility—on the road and in life. He formed Safe Teen Driver, and with Justin Cabezas, the young man who caused the fatal crash, Bruce began sharing his story and giving hard-hitting, realistic presentations to young drivers across the country.

Bruce then expanded his work to helping victims of vehicular crime and their families. He found that by connecting the victim and his or her family with the young driver who committed the crime, a catharsis occurred, and that as the victim moved toward forgiveness, a powerful healing process began for both.

Today, Bruce believes that the spirits of Cindy and Chelsea shine through all his wonderful work of Safe Teen Driver.