Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart, mixed emotions and feelings that I am making this announcement today. Why today you ask? Well on this day Monday, 16 years ago Cindy and Chelsea were killed in a car crash caused by a young teen driver who was driving recklessly. It was that crash that prompted me to start this program, Safe Teen Driver. Our mission was to educate teen drivers around the country on making good choices...

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This organization was born from the tragic loss of a father whose daughter and wife were killed by a teen driver who was street racing. It evolved with the forgiveness by that father for the teen that took his family, and together those two started this organization now known as Safe Teen Driver.

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Thank you for your continued interest and support in Safe Teen Driver’s TRACK program. Although we have not secured funding for this spring and upcoming fall season, we are still working on finding sponsorship. We haven’t given up! So, please check back on our site as we will update it with information as we receive it.